Sentient Gateway

Experimental Music Producer

Sentient Gateway is a Chaos Pixel studios project. To re-invent him self, Chaos Pixel took on a new name, to make more story based experimental music. Sentient Gateway, representing an awake and living gateway, into other things, worlds or imaginary fantasies. A mixture of story and music, based into a consept album. This very experimental project has been on the drawing board for a long time, and now being carried into action.

Currently working on the first EP to be releashed under this name, entitled 'Destroy : Equilibrium'. Keep an eye out on his social medias for updates and information.


Born and raised in Denmark.

  • Name : Chris.
  • Software : FL Studio 12
  • Hardware : Arturia Spark, Novation Mininova, Novation Launchpad.
  • Experience : 7 years
  • Influence : AES Dana, Solar Fields, Vibrasphere, Captain Panic.
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What I'm Doing

Project Idea

(1) Make atmospheric music.
(2) Add story and voice-overs.
(3) Make it all fit

Fitting scenery

Something to vanish into on public transport. Or just need a break from the world around you.


Follow my facebook for updates and project info.

Mental Images

The brain is the worlds best graphic engien - Let it inspire you and do the visions for you.


Most questions and information can be found on social medias.

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